Hi there! I am both a clinical psychologist and computer programmer. I like hard problems, and understanding intelligence is probably the hardest-known problem. This blog is not intended to be completely scientifically rigorous, but rather an exploration of thoughts, theories, and methods that may help advance towards human-level artificial intelligence. Additionally, I view this process as being potentially helpful to humanity through the uses of the technology. It will also be useful for understanding human psychology as it may help understand mental illness and possibly theories about how to improve human cognitive capacity.

Maybe it won’t achieve any of these goals, but why not try. To wield the tool of machine general intelligence at scale could solve many problems faced by humanity. So, let’s try to figure it out. If nothing else, it will be fun to explore.

Let’s go.


You can contact me at jackcole(at sign)mindware.mobi. Replace “at sign” with an actual at sign.